bg04Looking to find out how much your business is worth you or potential buyers?  Is your business in the midst of being acquired, being bought by another party, or merged with another business?  Our valuation team can help you understand the value of your business on multiple levels.  We’ll give you a good understanding of the value of each part of your business, and your entire business as a whole.

Herblin P.C. offers an array of professional business valuation and consulting services for businesses of all sizes.  Our experience covers a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail, engineering, consulting firms, and much more.  Whether you’re looking to get your 30 year old business appraised, or you’re looking to sell a 2 year old business, we can give you a fair and realistic idea of the value of your business.

Business Valuation
  • Disruption of Business
  • Divorce
  • Dissenting Shareholder Action
  • Economic Loss Analysis
  • Partner / Shareholder Buyouts
  • Eminent Domain
  • Evaluation for Potential Sale
  • Estate Planning